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The Student Experience

Student Soundbites

Hear about some of our students' experiences at the College and in the UK.

Anthony KingAnthony King Man Cheung, Hong Kong

After serving Hong Kong Government for more than 20 years in facilities management, Anthony was sent to Merrist Wood College on overseas training to study arboriculture in 2010.

The training was tough but enjoyable. The course comprises of 24 units covering both theoretical teaching and practical application on arboriculture.Theoretical teaching includes arboricultural machineries, soil science, pests & diseases and treework. Practical application includes practice on treeplanting, tree maintenance and arboricultural work such as tree inspection, pruning and felling. The College has 400 acre of land with various kinds of workshops and woodlands which provides both good teaching venues and practical grounds for our study of forestry and arboriculture.

Besides, at my year of study, my classmates came from France, Italy and different parts of England where I could keep abreast of other European countries’ as well as local England’s arboricultural practices. I had a very good time during my stay in UK.

Student Profile Anthony King Man Cheung

Jisan Kim, Korea

Jisan KimMy name is Jisan Kim, from republic of Korea. I am studying English in Guildford College. I would like to introduce about our fantastic and hilarious college, also wonderful town, Guildford.

Friendly atmosphere
When you learn English every time you might be hesitant about conversation in English. But in our college we can solve it by friendly atmosphere. Everyone in college is talkative and active.You can make friend easier and improve your English quicker.

Best teacher
I was worry about learning English every day, 3 hours, because it could be really boring. But I realize there is no need to concern about this if you were in Guildford College. Teacher is so humorous,and experienced. I am quite satisfied with their best teaching.

Superb staff
Actually I had some trouble when I try to come to UK. At that moment staffs in Guildford College are extremely helpful for me. They process work quickly and accurately. Also after I came here they were very kind to help me to solve lots of problems.Specially thanks to staffs in international centre.

Wonderful town
Guildford is in the great location of UK. 30 minutes to London and an hour to Portsmouth. Not that crowded but cozy and lovely. You can feel safe in this peaceful town. And enjoy gorgeous view of Guildford, it is beautiful town. My time I spent In Guildford is great present for me. I’m sure you will love here.

Student Profile Jisan Kim

Lais Andrade Galvao Da Silva, Brazil

Lais Andrade Galvao Da SilvaMy name is Laís, from Brazil and I am studying English at Guildford College.

Guildford College is a great place for learning English, make friends and have fun. Here you can find out about different cultures.

Teachers are very good and friendly. They are always willing to help. They also have showed to have a lot of experience with foreign students. At the classroom there are a lot of group activities where you improve your speaking, listening and get to know your classmates better. You find people of different ages, nationalities and customs.

There are two excellent facilities in Guildford College. One of them is Moodle – an interactive learning in the internet, where you can find extra English material. The second is private tutorial – you and teacher find ways to improve your English. In Guildford College, you have trips to different places in England, such as Oxford, Portsmouth and Shere, where you can meet people from other classrooms and practice your English. You also have free weekly activities in the college. Finally, Guildford is near to London and is safe and quiet town.

Student Profile Lais Andrade Galvao DaS

Qingya Wang, China

Qingya WangI am Qingya Wang, an outgoing Chinese girl. When I studied in Hainan Normal University in China, I was informed that there would be an opportunity to study Professional Development Programme in Guildford College in UK. I was so excited then and I really could not wait to study abroad. So far, what I saw and experienced has lived up to my original expectation.

The first day that I arrived in UK was so unforgettable in my mind, for the teacher of Guildford College specially picked us up in the airport and sent us to our own home-stay family. Luckily, I met with a kind landlady, who not only taught me how to pronounce English, but also helped me gradually adapt to life in UK.

As far as the teachers are concerned, all the teachers are very professional, conscientious and friendly. Never will you feel embarrassed when you ask a stupid question or make a stupid mistake. In addition, tutorials are taken place every term. The teacher will give you great advice on your weaknesses and spare no effort to help you conquer them.

Wednesday is a special day within a week. In Wednesday, the international office organizes all kinds of activities for us, such as travelling, ping-pong tennis, dancing, picnic... By this way, we students from different countries get together and communicate with each other. It is a good opportunity to make friends with foreigners and get understanding of diverse cultures.

What makes me surprised is that there are plenty of resources to meet your needs, for instance, library, computer, food zone, gym,hairdressing salon, swimming pool. As for me, I like studying in the library because of the excellent circumstance and countless books there. Moreover, we have access to computers freely. If you are keen on having sports, the gym is a good place to go.

Even though Guildford is a small town, it is equipped with all-round facilities. It is quiet and orderly. About 5pm, most shops are closed. Then the night life begins. What impresses me most is the pub. Pub is a very popular recreational place for English people to relax and to make social contact. You can drink, chat and dance as you want inside. I have been there several times and I like it very much.

Studying in Guildford College makes my life colorful and different,which enriches my knowledge and broadens my horizons. Apart from that, it makes me gradually grow up and begin to think from different angles about my life in the global environment.

Student Profile Qingya Wang

Renata & Rafaela Afonso Ferriera, Brazil

Renata & Rafaela Afonso FerrieraWe are 2 Brazilian sisters, Renata and Rafaela. We are respectively a pharmacist specialised in cosmetics in Paris and an Architect graduated in France and we decided together to spend a few months in Guildford in order to improve our English.

During a six month course of intensive English, we have progressed a lot and improved our English level. In our opinion, being able to experience the country’s culture and study on a well structured course is the best learning method to solidly acquire a another language.

And that is why we recommend Guildford College, which offers a very well-structured course with excellent professionals and all the didactic support necessary for an international student. One of the things we most appreciate is the dynamics of the lessons, but also the interaction between students and teachers. Extra-curricular activities, such as sports, dance lessons and trips are very interesting and allow a faster integration between students and the teaching staff. We appreciate the dedication of teachers, who are humorous and always willing to help in whatever it takes. Not to mention the infrastructure of Guildford College: a library that offers a variety of books and dvds, gym facilities, a great canteen...

We will return home with a sense of accomplishment along with new knowledge and friends from all over the world.

Student Profile Renata and Rafaela Afons


Rosa Lynn Rojas Arrieta, Venezuela

Rosa Lynn Rojas ArrietaMy names is Rosa Lynn Rojas Arrieta and I am from Venezuela. I have been studying at Guildford College for 4 months. The atmosphere in Guildford College is really nice, because all staff makes you feel in confidence. Is a new experience in which I have the opportunity to share with other people from different countries and know other cultures.

I like the English lessons because each book is adapted to the level of each student. The books, and support material, is really dynamic. So, with the help of the teachers the classes are more dynamic and different everyday.

I like meet people from others countries the variety of cultures, learn English in this way is interesting and I enjoy it, because together we interact in the language. I like too the classes, each teacher is really amazing, so while we learn, we can enjoy and share nice moments.I have friends on my classroom, and in other classrooms.

Guildford is a wonderful place, Guildford has many touristic places very beautiful and is a safe town. Has good location because is near of London and two International Airports.I travel with friends of College to know other places like London, Oxford or go to other country near to England. Also we go to play bowling, to walk to parks, and know the history of Guildford and the castles.

When I went the first day of classes, I was impressed the kindness of all staff on Guildford College. I recommend Guildford College because has excellent facilities very comfortable. The library has a books of you interest, books on grammar, vocabulary, reading books adapted and classified to your level of English, movies, novels and others books of you interest. And is very easy learn English in a short time. My English has improved. If I have a tip to you, is that advantage the time to learn in Guildford College, each second is important. And socialize a lot with other people that not talk the same language that you, so you can improve your language.

Student Profile Rosa Lynn Rojas Arrieta

Rudy Kisten, Mauritius

Rudy KistenAfter my move from Mauritius to the UK I have found my education knowledge has enhanced dramatically at Guildford College. The teachers, atmospheres are inviting and exciting and have enabled to seek many opportunities that can help towards my education and future. My first experience with Guildford College was really amazing because the tutors and staff in the college are really professional and deliver a high standard of teaching. After completion of my Access to Business successfully, I have decided to continue for further studies with Guildford College for the next 3 years studying a BA honours in Business Studies.

Student Profile Rudy Kisten

Sho Kato, Japan

Sho KatoMy name is Sho Kato. I am studying English Plus Health &Social Care at Guildford College. It goes without saying that I have spent quality time here. There are several reasons why I would recommend this College to you.

Firstly, all teachers are quite conscientious, sincere and friendly. They are experts at teaching. Therefore, all classes are beneficial and interesting to me, and what’s more, all classes are enjoyable every time. In addition, teachers always correct mistakes with my speaking, even pronunciation. This is quite beneficial to me as one of my problems is pronunciation. There are several classes of different levels in English so that you can study in a proper class. The teacher gives you good advice to improve your English through a private tutorial, which you have once a month.

Secondly, the staff of the international office are also very kind, helpful and friendly. They organise excursions around Guildford once a month. It enables you to take a trip at a reasonable price. And also, in my case, they often arrange a chance to visit a nursing home, as I am interested in nursing homes in England. I have got precious experience through this opportunity.

Finally, there are a lot of resources to help your study such as books, magazines, newspapers, DVD and so on in the library. You can also use a computer whenever you want. Furthermore, there are some convenient facilities like a food court, gym, and hairdressing salon in the College.

Guildford is a peaceful and convenient town and also an excellent location close to London and two international airports. So you will not have any problems with staying here. I have got a great experience in Guildford College and it would be a precious fortune in my life. I would like to expand my horizons before getting a job in Japan.

Student Profile Sho Kato

Shuzhen Cai, China

Shuzhen CaiMy name is Shuzhen Cai. I am a student from Zhangzhou Normal University. My major is English teaching. I am taking my at Guildford College now. The following is interesting fact I have found out about Guildford College.

Guildford is the county town of Surrey. It is interesting that though Guildford has both a university and a cathedral, it still can not be named as a city. Guildford is situated southwest of London which takes you just 34 minutes by train to go there. Moreover, London is not only the centre of railways but also a rendezvous for embassies.Thus, travelling and applying for visas would be easier. Guildford has a gentle pace of living which is suitable for thinking, and this is one of the reasons why there is a considerable number of people who live in Guildford while commuting on a daily basis to London.

What can Guildford College give you? The small-sized classes teaching mode is one of the visible features of British education. Students are assigned to a class of 15-20.

It is an effective way to ensure students’ learning qualities. Besides,all the students are taught in a tutorial manner. Students need to have face to face tutorials once a month. It can help teachers to know what students need and then they will try their best to give them a hand. The teachers here are professional. They are all friendly, sincere and impartial teachers as well as friends in the classroom and outside sometimes in social manner. There are some regular activities in the college and they also do some organizations for extra entertainments, such as, International Day, Award Quiz, travelling and sports. If you have deep desires to learn then please let them know. So they can offer you more.

There is a library in the college which has both silent and normal studying zones. This design meets international students’ requirements of language environment. The college has considered about this aspect. They arrange host families for students to involve in local literature and life quickly.

Guildford College is only about 10 minutes walking from town centre. There are varieties of restaurants (Italian, Chinese, Thai, British, Korean and Japanese) and shopping malls. What I want to recommend is the Chinese supermarket. Two shops are there down the town. It is a great convenience for Chinese students. When you can not find any Chinese food while you are travelling you will appreciate that you live in Guildford which has two Chinese shops.

As I have known about P.D.P. program, it has challenged me in myoral development and increased my literary involvement. Those of us on the teaching program or those on the business program have been extended to the maximum of our individual capabilities. Thank you to Guildford College and I would like to recommend it to you.

Student Profile Shuzhen Cai

Trieu Tuong Chi

Trieu Tuong ChiMy name is Trieu Tuong Chi. I have spent 3 years studying at Guildford College. During this time, I've learnt a lot of new things. I studied English in my first year and I am currently studying A Levels (Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Accounting). In my opinion I strongly recommend you to choose Guildford College.

The staff is very friendly, helpful and conscientious. You will have plenty of opportunities to practise what you have learnt. In addition, you will be assessed regularly throughout the course. This will ensure that your progress is on track to achieve the highest grade as possible. With smaller classes, teachers can keep an eye on individual students frequently. You also have a tutorial once a week so that you can tell your personal tutor what you want the teachers to help you with to improve your weaknesses. With their support you will become smarter, sharper and more successful.

There are many resources such as books, magazines, newspapers,DVD, etc... in the big library that you can use as your references for your course work. There are also a lot of computers which you can search on the internet quickly and conveniently.

Studying at Guildford College will put you in an ideal situation to have a fantastic time whilst getting the education to prepare you for a successful life after the course.

At Guildford College, the social life is as good as the academic life. You also can do some other activities such as sports, field trips, excursions etc. This is really helpful to you as you can get to know a lot of people quickly.

Guildford College is near 2 big international airports. You also can take the train straight to London Waterloo (about 40 minutes). It's easy to travel around.

When I have finished my exams I will go back to Vietnam to see my family. I will apply for my visa to come back to the UK to study. I have had 5 university offers to study Accounting and Finance and hope to go to Manchester University in September 2011. After my 3 years at university I would like to work in a bank.

I do not regret spending 3 years of my life at Guildford College.

Student Profile Trieu Tuong Chi

Victoria Trueba, Ecuador, South America

Victoria TruebaMy name is Victoria Trueba, I come from Ecuador in South America. I have come to Merrist Wood College and I am currently studying horse management. I am very happy here because the college is located in a peaceful part of the Guildford countryside and the other students at the college are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

The horse management course has more than exceeded my expectations, at first I was unsure whether to study so far from home and in such a different culture but I have been made welcome by everybody here, and everything that I learn here whether it be part of my course or just part of the English culture, I will take it all back to Ecuador with me, I definitely made the right decision to study at Merrist Wood.

The people here are friendly; they are constantly ensuring that I am coping well and the teaching staff are kind. They frequently ask me how the course is helping me develop my prior knowledge.

The location of Merrist Wood is perfect because it is surrounded by beautiful scenery in a peaceful atmosphere, it is 40 minutes from London by train and is close to two international airports. It is situated beside the town of Guildford, which has many tourist attractions for a weekend or for your days off. The staff that are in charge of international students are always organizing trips and are aware of how we feel and how we are developing in a completely different culture.

The course itself is challenging because we are required to work under stringent health and safety regulations whilst being efficient. I enjoy the classes because they make learning interesting and we always practice what we have learnt, also the teachers try to encourage group activities and make sure that we listen to the opinions of our peers. The education is very personalized as the teachers like to ensure that everything is going well not only with your studies but with your personal life also. This, I think is very important because it helps you stay on the right track, and means that you can get the most out of your time here.

I have had a great time here at Merrist Wood. I feel that I have definitely made the most of this opportunity. I have met some wonderful people and have learned a lot about the English culture. I will be sad when I finish my course but I will also be happy because I have learned so much that I look forward to taking back to Ecuador with me.

Student Profile Victoria Trueba

Zhu Mingsheng, China

Zhu MingshengMy name is Zhu Mingsheng. I am from China and now studying PDP (Professional Development Program) at Guildford Collegeas an exchange student. Now, I would like to share my studying experiences at this wonderful college with you.

First of all, there are different kinds of service facilities on campus,such as hair salon, food zone, travel agent, gym etc. All of them are well-equipped, especially the library. Not only does it provide various books that are suitable for students of different levels, but it also has a lot of English DVDs that you can borrow. Also,in the library, substantial computers and seats for quiet study are available for those who want to do research on the Internet and study.

Apart from that, the faculty and staff in Guildford College are so kind and warm-hearted that they are always willing to help us out when we are in trouble, and that we feel quite at home. During my study in the college, I notice an interesting fact that we students are nurtured in different ways from those in China. Here in Guildford College, instead of studying in a big classroom along with many students, I share a small classroom with a few students together. Therefore, I get more opportunities to speak out my mind in class, and teachers have enough time to communicate with every single student in the class.

In the meanwhile, extra curriculums in Guildford College are fantastic. At one point, the college organizes a variety of activities for students every Wednesday afternoon such as picnics, soccer games, and going karting or watching films. At another point,the college always organizes tours around adjacent cities on weekends, which not only release pressure from our study, but also broaden our horizon.

In a word, I am satisfied with my school life at Guildford College.The high education quality, high security and convenient transportation make it an ideal place to study.

Student Profile Zhu Mingsheng


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