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Choose a visa for study

Depending on your course of study you can choose to study at the Guildford College Group on 3 different visas:

Short Term Study Visa
For students aged 16 years and over who want to study in the UK for up to 6 months.
For students aged 18 years and over who want to study in the UK for up to 11 months.

Tier 4 General Visa
For students that study a course of one year or more either general English or Level 3 - 6 academic or vocational programmes. Check to see if you need a visa to come to the UK to study

Guildford College is not currently able to offer Tier 4 visas.

Tier 4 and Sponsor Compliance

As a Tier 4 student you are expected:

  • To study full-time (at least 15 hours per week)
  • To study at a genuine institution 
  • To have the money to support yourself
  • To intend to leave the UK when you finish your studies
  • To have at least 80% attendance

As a Tier 4 Sponsor we have our reporting duties.

Information we must report to the UKVI

We must report the following information or events about sponsored students to the UKVI within the time limit given:

  • If you do not turn up for your first day at the College, or do not enrol on the course at the expected time, we must report this within 10 working days and include the reason for non-attendance or non-enrolment (for example, a missed flight).
  • If you miss your classes for more than 10 working days, or miss 10 'expected contacts' on your course of study without any reasonably granted permission, we must report it within 10 working days of the 10th day of absence or the 10th missed contact.
  • If you discontinue your studies, we must tell the UKVI within 10 working days of the event in question, and give them the name and address of the institution that you have joined and if known.
  • If we stop sponsoring you for any other reasons (for example, if you move into an immigration category with a different sponsor or one that that does not need a sponsor, or your permission to stay in the United Kingdom ends because your course of study ends), we must tell the UKVI within 10 working days.
  • If there are any significant changes in your circumstances - for example, a change in the length of your course of study or a change of study location, we must report it within 10 working days.
  • If we have any information which suggests that you are breaching the conditions of your leave, we must report it within 10 working days.

Please note that breaching any of the above conditions of your leave will seriously affect your visa. Once you are reported, you will be considered ‘illegal’ in the country. It could also result in you being deported from the UK which means that you would not be able to apply for a new UK visa for 10 years.

Tier 4 Immigration Rules Changes (July 2015)

  • For Tier 4 visas issued on or after Monday 3 August 2015 students studying at publicly funded Further Education Colleges will not be permitted to work during study.
  • Tier 4 Child Visas can only be used by children attending Independent Schools and not by those aged 16 and 17 coming to the UK for further education courses designed to prepare them for entry to higher education.
  • For Tier 4 General Visas applied for on or after 12 November 2015 the length of time a student may spend studying further education courses (NQF Levels 3 - 5) is being reduced from three years to two.
  • Tier 4 General students studying at Colleges cannot extend their stay in Tier 4 or switch into any other points-based route.
  • Students at other Colleges, who wish to go on to study at a College or a University, may do so by applying for leave to enter from outside the UK.
  • The level of funds that Tier 4 General students must demonstrate for living costs are being increased.

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