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First Day

On your first day at Guildford College you should report to the International Centre where you will complete a registration and enrolment form, sit an English test, if English is not your first language, get your College ID card and have an induction where you will be given your Guildford College International Students Handbook. Please bring with you a list of any questions you may have and we will try our best to answer all of them. We also have other leaflets and guides that will provide you with further information about living and studying in the UK.

During your first week in the UK there are important tasks that must be completed. Please bring some official documents with you on your first day:

  • Passport and visa
  • Your admission letter from Guildford College
  • Any confirmation on the fees you have paid to Guildford College
  • Any official documents from your government e.g. sponsorship documents
  • Any official documents from your previous school e.g. teachers reference letter or certificates
  • One passport size photograph (for our records)
  • You address in your home country (written in English)

Please keep these documents safe during your stay in the UK! 

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