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General English Language (EFL)

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Have you considered studying general English language in the South East of England, close to 2 international airports and the city of London?  Guildford College is in the ideal location.

As a British Council Accredited English Language Centre for the teaching of English as a foreign language, we offer 5 levels of English classes; elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced.  Students study a minimum of 15 hours per week but can increase this to 17, 19 or 21 hours per week.

To add value to your time at the Guildford College Group you should consider adding additional hours of IELTS Preparation, Cambridge Exams or English Plus.

Whether you just want to improve your English for personal reasons or you need to get the right IELTS grade for further study, our English classes will enable you to improve your skills in grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing and increase your vocabulary.

Interactive whiteboards are used in class to make class topics come alive and to enable tutors to give students’ relevant, up-to-date examples from YouTube and i-Player, for instance.

The core 15 hours of classes are taught Monday to Friday in the morning with the additional hours in the afternoons. There are a maximum of 18 students (average of 16) per class and each class offers a mix of nationalities from Europe, Asia and South America.

All of our English teachers are dedicated and trained professionals. It is also possible to take your Cambridge exam at Guildford College; so you could also consider taking KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. Course books are not included in the tuition fee.

Every term the tutors arrange a project for all students. These have previously included International Day, Short Story Competition, Spelling Bee and the writing of an International Newspaper.

Monday Tuesday
General English Classes
9:00 -10:45                                                       9:00 - 10:45
Break 10:45 - 11:00                                                       Break 10:45 - 11:00
11:00 -12:15                                                       11:00 - 12:15
Additional English Classes

12:45 - 2:45

                                                      12:45 - 2:45

Wednesday Thursday Friday
General English Classes
9:00 - 10:45                               9:00 - 10:45                      9:00 - 10:45
Break 10:45 - 11:00                               Break 10.45 - 11:00                      Break 10:45 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:15                               11:00 - 12:15                      11:00 - 12:15
Additional English Classes
                                12.45 - 2.45  


Part-Time English
You may prefer to study part-time classes to fit around other commitments. On application you will be required to take an English placement test to ensure that you attend the appropriate class for your level unless you have studied English before and have a certificate to prove your level.

You can book a placement test by emailing us at or call us on 01483 44 86 90.

Part-time classes are £21 per week and IELTS classes are £35 per week. There is also a £40 Registration fee. The minimum enrolment is four weeks.






12:45 – 14:45

Advanced (CAE)

12:45 – 14:45


Upper Intermediate (FCE)

12:45 – 14:45


12:45 – 14:45

Proficiency (CPE)

18:30 – 20.30


Intermediate 2

12:45 – 14:45

Academic English (IELTS)

12:45 – 14:45







+44 (0)1483 44 86 90

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