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Past Students Association (PSA)

Before leaving Guildford College why not become a member of the Past Students Association? By completing an application form you can receive a limited edition Guildford College t-shirt along with regular details of staff market visits to your country so you can meet and be taken out for a reunion!

Your recommendation of Guildford College to your friends, family and colleagues will be recognised and financially rewarded once your new introductions have enrolled.

Every PSA member will have access to a special members page on our website to enable you to chat and catch up with old friends from Guildford College.You will also receive a regular PSA newsletter full of news, views, information and competitions.

We can offer careers advice and direct you to new jobs.We can also offer reductions in certain tuition fees should you return to Guildford College to study and enjoy a round of golf on us at Merrist Wood College (all subject to availability).

For further information, please contact:

Tel: +44 (0)1483 44 86 90


+44 (0)1483 44 86 90

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