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International Education for Primary School Pupils

Posted on 22 March 2013
International students from Guildford College gave primary school pupils at St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School an insight into different cultures last week.

In a mini version of the College’s annual International Day, the students set themselves up in different rooms with each room designated as a continent. The children had little passports which they used to go round the countries and as they ‘arrived’ in a country their passport was stamped with the relevant flag. They were also taught different cultural skills relating to each country, including origami and how to write their names in Japanese script, dancing Gangnam style for Korea, common Thai gestures, how to use chopsticks for eating Chinese food and how to write their name in Arabic script for Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The day was a real success and the children left with some knowledge of the countries they had ‘visited’ and a lot of goodies to take home with them.

Rui Iwasaki from Japan said: “The pupils were all excited and really interested in each country. It was such a fun activity!”


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