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Guildford College Students Give Tour of the Globe

Posted on 30 March 2015
Guildford College Student Give Tour of the Globe

Guildford College’s International students visited primary school pupils at Holy Trinity Pewley Down Primary School, to educate them about their home country and cultures.

The day was based around Guildford College’s International Day which is held each year. Students from nine different countries including Spain, Ukraine, China and Qatar, set up base in a classroom where they displayed various posters, pictures and information about their country, along with examples of food and drink which the pupils could try.

Using miniature passports supplied by the College, the primary school students were given a tour of the globe. As they ‘landed’ at each station, the pupils would have their passport stamped with a flag of the country.  They were then given the opportunity to ask the International Students questions about their country and culture, learn a new skill such as how to use chopsticks and how to say a certain word, and they could even dress up in the national costume of Qatar!

Ian Paine, Curriculum Manager for the International Centre said: “The children enjoyed the day and left having learnt something new about each country they ‘visited’, with lots of goodies to take home”.

Visit our Flickr page to see more photos from the day.

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