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“It was a great pleasure to establish the student programme with the experienced Guildford College. In addition, to the help we received, we felt very warmly welcomed. Be sure we’ll be happy to be back next year!”
Birgit Stein, Group Leader


Student GroupMany organisations from all over the world return to Guildford College each year with new groups of students to take part in our tailor made programmes.  These may include classes such as Business, Business English, General English, English Literature, English Plus, English Teaching Methodology, and/or work placements in a variety of industries.

The International Centre arranges everything from airport transfers to tuition; accommodation to activity programmes, and has over 10 years’ experience welcoming and managing groups of 5 to 50 students.

The International Special Projects and Programmes Coordinator is the main point of contact and will liaise with the organisers and group leaders to ensure the programme runs smoothly and their objectives are met.

Groups of students also visit Guildford College for Summer School in July and August to take general English classes and experience the sights and sounds of Guildford and the UK.

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