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Here in Guildford College International Centre we welcome students aged 16+ throughout the year. We have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all our students and staff but especially for students under 18 and vulnerable adults. Please note that:

  • The majority of our students are 18+ so students under 18 will need to feel comfortable in an adult environment. The average age of our students in 2018 was 24.  There is no maximum age.
  • Students under the age of 18 will study in classes with adults
  • Guildford College does not provide 24 hour supervision
  • Students will travel between their homestay and school unsupervised
  • Students will be unsupervised outside lesson times including during the breaks and at lunch time
  • Students will travel to and from the social programme meeting points unsupervised
  • The International Centre runs a varied social programme which is organised on a pay-as-you go basis.  Students under 18 are allowed to attend all activities.
  • On Saturday/Sunday excursions to other destinations, students will normally have about 3 or 4 hours free time unsupervised for sightseeing and shopping. Guidance will be given by the group leader on how to stay safe and emergency contact number is provided.

Parental Agreements

  • Before a student under 18 starts a course at Guildford College International Centre, both the parent/guardian and the student must sign and send us the Self Declaration/Consent Form for Medical Issues, Educational Visits and Safeguarding; to confirm that they understand the level of supervision that we provide.

Airport Transfers

  • Guildford College International Centre recommends that students under 18 have airport taxi transfers arranged by us on arrival and departure unless they are being picked up by family/relatives.


  • We recommend students under 18 to stay in homestay accommodation. Alternative arrangements where the student will have adult supervision, such as staying with a family friend, will be accepted provided we have written confirmation of the arrangements from the parents/guardian. We would not expect students aged under 18 to stay unsupervised in a hotel or guest house. If a student under 18 wishes to stay out overnight or visit another city unsupervised by the college, we need written confirmation from the parents/guardian.
  • We require all students under 18 to be back with their host family for their evening meal or by curfew time that has been set by the host family. Host families will call the college emergency number if the student is not home by the agreed time/curfew.

Click here to see our Safeguarding Policy


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